Break,am writing a post finally,relaxing on a weekend afternoon.Last week too i did started writing something and had to save in draft.It has been a demanding week at the  work front and it strikes me with working mom guilt,hope the coming week is blessed and i will spend time with the little girl.Thursday was so busy that i did not even saw her until late in evening and had to trouble a neighbour to take care of her.

She completely dislikes to be left with the baby sitter,her morning mantra,sorry 24/7 mantra is ‘Ja nenam’,Ja being the name of the baby sitter,and nenam is ‘vendam'(don’t want).Even if we dress up to go out somewhere she gets scary and cries as we would leave her and go to office.Morning patch up, as we are going to park doesn’t work as she clearly states we are going to ‘aaphi’ and she doesn’t want to be fooled.

Those afternoons when i drop her or DD does,she cries and that simply breaks heart.When ever we go to collect her,she takes up her bag without fail and comes running to me.She never want to miss the bag,she reminds me always.

Am sure she is terribly missing me and me  too missing  her.Yet am hanging on to the status of working women.

Managing work and home without external help looks terrible,but with a husband who picks up the baby,feeds her,do the dishes and vacuüm cleans when you are busy @ work,it feels a bit smooth indeed.

All setup for Navarathri with 3 steps of golu bommais and a park and a christmas train (does it sound weird?).Planning to deck up the girl for this occassion.will post pictures and a nostalgia post on this festival soon.

P.S: No blogging and blog hopping these days,will catch up soon.