Last week we took her to her first circus and probably second for both me and DD.My first circus was at the ripe age of 15,and for DD it was earlier still he is not sure of age.I have  many times seen circus tents of Gemini and russian while boarding suburban MRTS from Central station,tempted to go,but never made it.Last thursday we heard about this and quickly made a visit and it was not too disappointing.

Total for 1.5 hrs and we throughly enjoyed it,in spite of lack of animals.We had only 4 lions and 1 tiger and 1 snake.

But there were lot of human performances,which were simply amazing.Probably they can take credit for keeping fussy babies n toddlers in one place for almost 2 hrs.Ambuli was feeling great about all individual performances,when a performance was over,she started crying “Akka” and “Anna’ wanting them to come back.

They had a filler clown which she enjoyed too much.Almost for 2 hrs she was not fussing much,we both felt it as a great achievement.We have done a cartoonified caricature of her from the clown.In a super hot country like this,it is not very wise to expect some animals,really no logic behind it.Last year when we had been to a wild life reserve here,there were two giraffes,the guide informed us it was originally 5 giraffes from South africa, and unable to survive this climate,3 had lost life.

For guys in bahrain,if you plan to visit this International circus,it is located in Mahooz,on the road opposite to Aljazira supermarket,in the empty ground near Kingdom university building,with lot of parking space.Show timings 6 to 8 and 8 to 10(We went for 8 to 10 and it was perfect for all of us).Tickets from 3 BD(Gallery benches),5 BD(chairs),10 BD(very close and cushion chairs).We went for 5 Bd and it was just fine.