Ambuli is turning very very naughty these days but i should also admit its so sweet to see her that way as there is no potential peril attached to it.

She loves to announce whatever we do,say if i throw away the ball,she immediately tells “Amma,baa thobba”(Amma throws ball with a sound “thobbar”).And when it comes to imitating,she does it more gleefully,and she chooses to do it when we cough,sneeze,burp,she announces “appa,evvv”.

And when we utter “ammadi”,”appadi” out of tiredness, no sooner she articulates the same.A typical scenario would be if DD places him in the couch after a tiring day and says “appadi”,she too does the same.Also whenever she carries something heavily and after placing it down,she tells the same.

Being with ammamma had increased the vocabulary and also the bits n pieces story telling has got many new stories now.when ever we do something strange she exclaims it with ‘ohh’,that one bit is very lovely.

All this leaves her as one ‘kusumbu’ girl as being fondly addressed by appa.