Have anyone of you tried doing aarathi with one of the stacking ring and a ball?

Here in this household,ammaamma had taught the lil one to do so.Take up a stacking ring and place the ball on it and try rotating it up n down,may be god is more delighted to get one like this.

From this practise,she did very fine on the day of Sri jayanthi,did the real aarathi gracefully.

Ever since we decided on amma’s trip,i persuaded my mom to buy costumes for Krishna to dress her up on Srijayanthi.

She did got dressed up  like krishna with lot of muthu malaas(pearl chains),ottiyanam(jewel around stomach),muthu valayal(pearl bangles) and the costume which was bought for her.Amma tried so much to fix the peacock feathers,but no luck,she hates to do any hair do.

Luckily we could take some snaps with the help of some guests who had dropped in.Amma made most of the bakshanams(sweets n savouries).And i presented a strange dinner menu with Jeera herb bread as starter,Adai-aviyal main course, mango cup cake with mango whipped cream frosting for dessert.

In the multitasking bread got burnt at one edge,main course was fine.For mango cup cake i tried from shankari’s link,since it was vegan,the cake was bit dense,but tasted good with frosting.And for the pics,some problem in downloading,will try my best and will upload later.