House wears the blanket of silence.Ammamma and ambuli are in the cot,the elder in the process of making the little one sleep.

Appa inserts the key on the door hole and hears ‘amma,appa’ name calling by the lil one.Appa enters the house tailgated by amma.Sharp eared ambuli rushes from the cot climbs down quickly,uttering ‘amma,appa’,just to welcome us,quick here means her foot would not even touch the ground properly.While poor ammamma wonders what is happening and why is she rushing so fast.

She climbs upon anyone of us,and her joy is unbound.Am short of words to explain her reaction and joy.

Am just feeling out of this world when i receive hugs and kisses after returning from work,the love of lil one is priceless,flawless,seamless.That one moment when i see her rushing towards us,i feel all the pain right from pregnancy would never match for her love,oh here am really really short of words,my feeling goes unexplained,am feeling a heaven here.