Which you could have also felt/experienced.

1. It’s like, you forgot everything after you return back to college/work after a long holiday or even after a weekend.

2. On a very low day,everything negative happens only to you.

3. Eyeing on the neighbour’s plate or captured by the name of the dish you order something and it turns out to be a disaster.

4.Mix up salt and sugar or spices in any dish, when you are so preoccupied.

5. Thrown in vegetable skin on to veggie bowl and veggies into trash while multitasking in kitchen.

6. The best of your menu fails when an important guest comes.

7. Toddler/baby wakes up from sleep only on the same moment you start your computer/laptop.

8.Went on a tough competition for a dress in a store with fellow shopper.

9. On a very lazy day,you prepare lunch/dinner after sulking and the husband just calls you up to announce that he is eating out.

10. Outfit/shoes give you some trouble only after you set out for an important gathering.

11. You remark comment about someone and when you just turn,you see them behind you.

12.Inspired by a new recipe,hype about it to the husband,you wake up early to try that and you find that the main ingredient is not in your pantry stock.