is feeling good,energetic but still tiring,stressing and missing something.

Returning to career after 2 year break is wonderful,and i feel complacent with the ability to catch up.Yet i terribly miss my little one,our funny moments of drawing,poster colors,puppets,dancing,touring teeny home in ‘cithel’,story telling and all,though its only 4.5 hrs am away from her,i still miss her.

There is too much on my platter and too little a time or am i sucking in time management? not sure.

And she does misses me,first two days were ok,but today she has been repeatedly calling for me,i can’t even think about leaving her with baby sitter.She is resilient,but it will take time for her to settle down,i believe.

One good thing is that,am just on a contract  few months,so to continue or not can be decided as the time passes by.But already am waiting for thursday,thankfully its tomorrow.

P.S: Almost every site and chat is blocked,may be i can use google,yahoo,blogs arent blocked,some silver lining there.