Ambuli is in phase of talking which leaves us with ocean of gibberish and few words which we really understand and few phrases too.A typical gibbersih would be “Thana kakka ta littu ba”,god can only decode this.

She loves to bring a bowl and ask ” Innum konjam venum”(Want some more),any question with “yaaru”(who),gets an answer “Naan than” (its me).Even if you ask “Who is bad girl?” she will still reply as “Its me”.Favorite phase is ” Anna kaa uvva”.

Addresses few animlas aana(elephant),thotho(dog),cow.

An old person is “Thatha” and small kids are all “Akka” and “Anna”.

Counting starts from n-one and ends at thoo.

Anything and everything would get a big “nenaam(no)”.

Monosyllable does exists,believe she grows out of them quickly.

Now leaving you all with few puzzling babytalk,guesses/answers most welcome.(All english no Tamizh)

1.She loves to be in this new one we bought few days back -CITEL.

2.On every traffic signal she looks for it and cries if not found -WATTA.

3. She parrots me on one word like this -TATRAT.

4.She loves to play this always -STATA

5.She addresses her favorite toy as -EBBEA

6.Loves spending time with this -BOOBOO

7.Two colors which she knows – OOOOH AND BUVU.