Recently an acquaintance told me this and made my heart heavy. One of her friend here,delivered a girl baby in an government hopsital last Wednesday and friday early morning the baby is no more,and the last rites were performed here.This sent a shiver through my spine and was very appalling considering that is her first baby.

Baby was not breastfed at all though it was a normal delivery,hospital had not conveyed any reason for the death,a final conclusion what they arrived at was it could be a heart problem since the baby became all blue,gosh the very imagination scares me.

Had they not evaluated an APGAR score to find out how good the baby is? Why not let the mother breast feed the baby? Could it be SIDS? No inoculation nor  a pediatrician visit the baby since birth,no cleansing for the baby as well. Too many questions to ask,but where to find answers?

With medical technology so advanced these days,its really saddening to hear such,am feeling very sorry for the parents but still am bothered about their ignorance or not raising up against the hospital procedure.Its heart breaking to put oneself  in the mother’s position,a dream of  280 days and a pleasure of 2 days just went away,just like that,oh god give her strength and may that soul RIP.