A story,it is tad hyped,still it was a story retold by her,as heard by her.

Last week,one evening she came up with a story book and upon seeing the picture she told “Anna kaa(kaalla) uvva”(Wound in Anna’s leg).And i told her the Dove and Ant story.

As a part of bedtime ritual,she hears story from DD,that night she climbed upon him and  told’ka'(kadhai,story).He told ‘hmm’.

A: Anna

DD: Ennachu?(What happened?)

A:Kaa (Kaal,leg)

DD: Sollu(Tell)

A: Uvva(wound)

DD: ennachu?(What happened?)


DD: Then

A: Action as bird flew away.

We were surprised to hear this from her,not a complete story or even that she bypassed ant character(i guess its bcoz she could not name it),its was really lovely to hear one from her.Waiting for the day she spins her own tale.