If you wonder what is with this title,then its the language of a one day maid, i have hired.Last week was so tiring that i had to get someone clean the house,including bathrooms.I knew my neighbour has one maid, so I wanted her to work for me,maid is from Bangladesh and speaks  Bangla and a little hindi.Neighbour served as a middle women and sorted out payment details and time for me.

When i don’t follow hindi too much and can speak only ‘Thoda thoda’ and never knew a word in Bangla,i dare and hired.(Pagala vara pasu maade theriyadhu,rathirila vara erumai madu epdi theriyum?(When you can’t sight a cow in Daylight,how will you spot a Buffalo in dark?))

She told me that ,she can ” understand madaame english”,but still i wasn’t sure if  i should  promise ” I can understand Bangla”.So that fine day came and she visited me, first instruction is to “Floor clean karo,bathroom next”,she nodded her head and asked me if i could give her “burush”.I can’t even justify which language was it,i replied her with a ‘Bah’ expression in face,she then did the action “Sweeping”,now i got what she wanted,handed her the broom.She gave me back,”Chee,indha amma.kku english kooda theiyalaye,naama epdi samalikka porom”(Oops,cant even understand english?) kinda look.

Silence took over until she finished sweeping,then she wanted “penne”,now am bowled over.Han,what will i do when i cant even understand one word of her? A funny scene,took over i tried to ask her in various forms as what she needs,like a baby which is at the onset of talking,i struggled with few words trying to come out,some silence and a little action(verum kaathu dhan varuthu(only air is coming out of mouth)).
Its funny while typing this,but it wasn’t while conversing,that too with a kid crying, fearing her look.Atlast it was Dustpan she wanted,which was right next to dustbin,but she had not noticed it.

Now over to mopping floor,i showed the mopping bucket and mop and gave her clorox,this time she wanted “Siraf”,but having understood her Engbang talk,i gave her soap powder.

Rest of the minutes went with fewer actions and me nodding head for whatever she speaks in Bangla.( Evalo neram dhan purincha madhiriye nadikkaradhu,kashtam da saame,(How long can one act as if she follows the other person)

I felt relieved when she left taking only 1 BD(Equals 120+ INR) for the work done.I can live with burush,penne,siraf and understand madaame,only bcoz am getting a cheap labour like this,pls dont judge me.

Trivia: Never hire a maid to whom you can’t even talk  basics let alone gossips.