Recently Ambuli exhibits some amazing traits of discipline,needless to say how pleased am.The some list is here

1.Amma throws away empty Broccoli bag on floor,Ambuli picks and opens the door below sink where dustbin is housed,places it in Dustbin,then closes the door.(As before she is not picking anything from dustbin these days.)
In fact any debris are being taken to dustbin by her,sometimes when diaper is full,she religiously removes and places it in dustbin.

2.Appa returns from office,places his snack bag on floor,to remove shoes,she picks up the bag,throws box in sink,hangs the bag in dining chair.

3.When furious she had thrown away all those soft toys on couch, onto the coffee table,a little later,she picks up them and places them on couch.(This one being done without any instruction from my end)

4.Appa asks her to bring an underpant,she opens both the door of wardrobe,picks a bunch of it,chooses one from them,and closes one door from where she picked clothes.Now selection is over,she brings that to appa and leaves to place all those on floor into wardrobe,she puts them in a rack which door is open,then she feels that wasnt the right place,so picks them all,open the other door place it at the same place where it has been picked,close both the doors,comes back to wear her pants.

5.She dislikes any rug being bent or not laid properly,most of the times she corrects it by herself,in spite of me yelling at her not to touch bathroom mats.Other days she was on pot and the mat was bent,she called me and pointed towards it,she was okay only after i had placed it right.

6.Amma removes a wet cloth of her and instructs her to put it in Laundry bag,on the way she saw another wet one which was left by lazy amma,she picks up that too and puts it in laundry bag.

7.After  finishing a bowl of grapes,picks up tissue from near by tissue box and cleans it.(Before the tissues would become flyers for her).

These are something which is done by herself,upon request she is a sweet little helper.Since i would want to only appreciate in this post,am not mentioning those offsets against this disciplined behavior