From me to all of you who come here,just to mark this 100th post of mine and the success in the very first baking attempt. 

Eggless dates cake


Hundred posts in seven and a half months,not a bad number i guess. 

I was so desperate to pitch into baking,and tried Eggless dates cake from Shilpa’s blog.I just took in the ingredients and procedure,i changed measures on my own,added less sugar and oil,added WWF and APF in 1:1 ratio and without a blender i attempted this cake.Was so anxious that i opened it for every 15 mins and checked the status,finally after 45 mins it turned out  nice. It was dense and fluffy,dad and daughter both liked it. 

The next day, i did tried some granola bars with leftover cereals which DD was not comfortable in eating.It was good i guess,sent some to his office and they liked it too. 

Granola bars

They were not perfect squares mainly bcoz, i used a baking tray instead of cookie sheet and those large chilean flame raisins in cereals were disturbing while cutting. 

So pls enjoy this cake and Granola bar.