Ever since i came to know about Tulika books,i was dying to introduce it to her,have read some reviews earlier.

Though there was a option to buy online,i loved to have a feel before buying it,so on his Chennai trip DD has been advised to buy some,though i have suggested Fullcircle,he could not make it, due to lack of time and been to Landmark, only to find very few books and to find one for her age was bit tough since there was only fewer choices.

Well,he did bought this book ” Enge andha poonai”(in Tamil),by Rangasree Sreenivas and Manjula Padmanabhan. As stated earlier she doesn’t like story books,also this book is for ages 3 and up.

But without a hesitation we started reading it for her,surprise she listened completely for the first time.She was ultra fancied by the lively pics.She was repeatedly going on through it.

I was amazed by the way the pics are drawn,simply loved the continuity in pics,not only in following pages,but also in last page,where the first page pic is  continued.

Now this book has become her favorite,so when asked pick from her books,she undoubtedly picks this all the time.When i start as ‘Mini asked her amma ” Where is pooni”,she makes this action of  opening her hands on her sides, just like  the amma in that book do.

She loves those crows,parrot,cow and dog,and mimicks them.Tries driving like cars,scooters,auto and cycle,also points them correctly and utters something gibberish,and with this one book i can finish one session of feeding without big trouble.

Even Thatha loved this book.I should say it is brilliantly designed,vibrantly pictured,lovely scripted book fits even toddlers.Waiting for next chennai trip to grab much more from Tulika.