Spoke to some preggy and am reminded of my cravings almost 2 yrs back.

Though i did not had nausea or vomiting at anytime during pregnancy,i was not much inclined towards eating,but was offered a feast all time.I was working in Central manama that what ever i wanted was a stone throw from office.Be it chocolates,salted pistachios,potato chips,french fries,sandwich,pita bread with some lebanah or even  a blueberry smoothie,i was able to go grab it(consider the scorching heat around 50 C,i walked all the way).

I had a very generous boss,who was treating us with Pizza hut lunch on most of those Thursday afternoons.Attracted by samosas and cutlets,he buys that too often,and don’t ask me what did i do.He was also getting us some cookies,jelly beans and what not.

For weekend dinner we had been to a restaurant here and i loved their gobi manchurian.Next day afternoon i felt like having it again,no way that we can order or go buy it,so DD made it for me and i loveeed it.On and off we go to pucca south indian restaurant just to taste some idli,bajji or paneer masala dosai.

Around August my MIL was here and she took care of cooking,she did all her signature dishes,during second trimester (golden period in pregnancy).

All of a sudden during the month of Ramadan,i wished to eat Apple pie from McD,which is diagonally opposite to my office.But you see they are closed until evening and i worked only till afternoon due to Ramadan reduced working hours.

I was repeatedly asking him for that,but he did not had an idea to buy that for me.My MIL also scared him that if he doesn’t satisfy my wish,the baby will have puss in head(old wife tale),he never seemed to be bothered.

Until my delivery and even till date i have not tasted apple pie(no apple pie in past 3.5 yrs),i really cant understand why he was not keen in buying this.Somehow there was one craving left unsatisfied.

P.S: Now that am reminded of it,planning to buy in this weekend,will keep you all posted.