Past 3 days of traumatic experiencing and yesterday crowning it all.Seems to be pretty hard to go through when the junior is in trouble and you are helpless,painful moment being a parent.

Day 1:  Started with series of vomiting and i should say she was inactive,even measles was not a stop sign for her,but this drained her out completely.Doctor preferred her to be hooked to IV and we rejected the suggestion without knowing what is in store for us.Came home with some medicine,by making all hunky dory we successfully sent in the medicine.Evening was okie and i was secretly dancing about it.

Day 2: Again the early hours of the day shown us that there is a raging fever in her reading 38.4 C and one episode of loose stool.All worried,carried her to hospital to settle with the right ear infection affecting even middle ear.We wanted to inject her the antibiotic but this time doctor rejected,so came home with antibiotics,nasal drops and cough syrup.We were able to give her only the antibiotic.That evening diarrhea marks its presence significantly.

Day 3: Was complete downpour of all her energy and we were back in hospital,now we did not have a choice but to hook on her in IV for 4 hrs.When i cant stop or make her sit in a place for 4 mins,i should say it was too much a effort,frustration to settle her in one place for 4 hrs,it seemed to be life long.We sang,danced,mimicked cartoons and some nursery rhymes,even then few times she shook heavily that blood was out in the tube.There were few episode of loose stool until night.

Today was such a relief without running nose,vomiting,fever and diarrhea.But still am worried and keeping fingers crossed since she is tugging her left ear from morning,i wonder if it could be antibiotic which caused diarrhea,since it was completely watery,we conclude it as viral.Still still am wondering what could have caused this,by some chance she has overtaken vigilant amma and picked up some dust or those papads she had on Monday,not sure though.

Hope ear infection is away from her soon and give us some peace.