Why don’t you settle with your rocking chair and suction bowl ,during dining for now,at least for few years I mean.

I can really understand the trouble being you,so small and dictated by a monster mom as what to do and when to do and how to do,Sigh,the trouble being little one.

I can’t appreciate your wish to dine with appa on table,and your wish to have food in the big plate too.It would be great to get a dining routine in table and table manners for you,but i feel it would be very early start.

Also i don’t even have a high chair for you to get parked near table,but you being you will not settle for anything less than your desire.

See the table is high and the chair is very big for you,so pls settle either in rocking chair or floor  with food in a suction bowl,i would be more than happy.