Slowly settling down in this new place.Am liking it very much,though i carried few sentiments in the old place.Happy,happy,happy so much,am i sounding so silly?

(Currently am suffering a bad throat infection,dust? are they the culprit? not sure though..)

* Shifting house is easier,when compared to do it with a toddler.

* Getting the right number of people to help is good on you,the moving is finished in half a day’s time.

* Wonder,kitchen was up and running on the same day afternoon.

* Its really difficult to organize when there is so much of place,you keep on organize and reorganize and the stuff goes on.

* I have lost a glass door of TV cabinet,an unopened glass water jug,a box in kitchen cabinet and a tub of vanilla ice cream(kulfi tub was safe though).

* Except for kitchen DD tookup all unpacking and rearranging,but still 3 suitcases and 3 duffel bags of cloth waiting to be unpacked.I did not want to say anything about few bags of electronic junk which he had gathered over the past 6 years.

And currently

* Am enjoying the sea view,museum view and those speeding boats day and night,doing dishes is easier  while siting a calm and soothing sea.I do want to tell that feeding this fussy eater is much more easier when she looks at sea and boats.

* In mornings chirping birds are heard along with AC hums.

* Its really feeling good to be in a naturally ventilated house,am saving lot of electricity,not using lights n AC’s till evening.

* Ambuli is enjoying the group of kids who live here and plays in evenings,she has not befriended anyone though.

* New dish is up and running with all south special channels,and thatha is delighted.

* Life has become so easy except for cleaning this palatial place,otherwise all is well.