Yes,shifting house.The most dreadful job on earth i feel.Its even more cumbersome with a curious toddler who plays with idly pot and plates,throwing away those sticky labels on boxes,want to give a helping hand whenever a drawer is opened,box is being packed,loving to crack `those glasswares.

The next two days will be dust and action packed.Actually i feel packing n shifting is even easier considering unpacking and arranging ( Wonder how a fellow blogger’s husband done it all single handedly(Its you!!)).Its actually scary considering the dust and pests,having ambuli with us.

Kitchen is almost all packed and i would wind up living room soon,DD should probably help in Dresses,toys and misc.

Internet n telephone would get shifted,last time it was very quick,not sure how this will go this time,so hope it all gets real soon and I connect with blogs soon.