Day before yesterday evening was tense packed and i worried too much.This old man gave me too much of a trouble,if you ask DD,he’ll probably say its my mistake.

He wanted some tea and there was no milk in stock,so i asked him  to go buy a milk bottle and come back,i said so because,he  used to go for shops(very close one), handling this currency and changes as well and also going for walking every morning,BOY,it was a mistake.

He left around 4 PM and had not returned until 5:30 PM,he had not taken my mobile also he doesn’t know  the lane number or my mobile number or home telephone number,also there is only one set of key for main door and it was with him.

As the time went i was getting tensed and worried considering the afore-mentioned facts,i was searching for other spare key and was lucky to get that.I went near the apartment main door and started looking for him,but no signs of him coming,helpless in such a situation i called none but DD who is in India(other grave mistake,but can’t help it).

He got tensed and asked too many questions(afore-mentioned facts) just to get answer as ‘No’.And asked me to go to shop and find out if he dropped in to buy milk.

So i hurriedly dresses up baby and self,took mobile and closed the door with the new spare key and walked up to the shop.

To my anger and wonder he was standing there,buying milk.Then we came home and could not wait to hear where he had disappeared.

Last Thursday we had been invited by a friend for dinner in their place since their parents and grand parents have come.Their house would be around 1 KM from our place,and strange enough this Thatha had spent his evening in that friend’s place enjoying SKC (Sweet,kaaram(Savoury),coffee).(While i was boiling my blood as what happened to him)

Since we  went by the time it was too dark and involved few cross roads,I was sure he would not have gone there remembering the path.But DD told me in call that he suspects so,but i immediately disposed it.

But he had gone there to my surprise and his SIL’s suspect.He had just got on my nerves,I thank him only because he did not carried Ambuli with him.(I would have got hypertension in such an young age).

Edited to Add:

I did not wanted to bully him and done this post,probabaly bcoz i wanted to record it,you all can have a hearty laugh.

I dont want to fight with him mainly bcoz he is already bored to death being inside home and his daughter did not even cared to share laptop for few mins and grand.daughter was sleeping,so he decided to gimme a heart break by enjoying his coffee break in a friend’s place