Long back,my neighbour wanted me verify if this statement on a pack of “kurkure'(Indian manufacture) is right,

Expiry date is 9 months from the date of Packing for Middle eastern customers”.

This was just printed on the side of the pack and I was sure it was not by manufacturers but by these Indian Super/Hyper markets.The expiry date by manufacturer is actually 4 months from date of packing,the pack she had was expired,but this statement claimed a longer period of expiry and the taste was pretty bad that anyone can vouch it expired.

Recently i came across these Lays packets(Rs.20 pack in India),which were packed in right from September till December and was on a promotional sale of 200 fils (1000 fils =120 INR) each.I was really annoyed by this kind of sale.I wanted to find one packet which is recently packed and it is well within expiry as mentioned by Lays India,but i could get my hands on.

Yesterday when I went for some shopping i found the sale was closed and those expired packets were on the usual shelf.This time i could get my hands on brand new ‘Kurkure’ packs and I just checked in price checker,it was 400 fils.So if you dare to eat expired ones you will get it at half price.

Am actually pretty disturbed by this considering that only Indian stores sell one like this and got too many questions,

1. Who prints this kind of statement in it?

2.Pepsico India has any involvement in this?

3. Those expired packs in India are just shipped across here?

4.How much legal it is to bring some item which is not specified as export pack or meant to be sold only in India? What are they really bypassing?( I have seen some Sakthi masala food items(not an export pack) in Singapore too)

5.Why those expired packs are sold at half price?(They should be trashed is it not?)

6.What is the health ministry doing about this?

7.Why are we sometimes very blind at reading the expiry and food labels?

8.Is this happening across Middle east or only in Bahrain?

9. And why am i just blogging about this rather than to raise an issue across store or write to some concerned authority?

P.S: Even in India I had a bitter experience like this,once in Spencer’s Chennai there was an icecream on promotion, and only after we brought it home we realised it was expired.