When everything happening around you is pressurizing and BP is raising few shots and your loved one is not around to share or comfort you?

Something is not well,DD is not around.He is on a short trip to India,will be back in 2 weeks.He being away is most uncomfortable for me,its not that we are not away from each other before,but this is the first time in our home in a foreign country.Though his friends are available for help by a phone call,two weeks seems to be quiet a long time for me.First day today was really tough and somehow managed,hope two weeks will pass as a jiffy.

Ambuli is not able to express herself but i think she is missing him,though my appa takes her for a short walk,she wants to come back to amma soon.

I think she feels amma will also disappear somewhere like appa,its okie that thatha is here,if not it would be bit tough for her.