WordPress and Akismet(guess it has some role here) feels so.My comment in my own blog is categorised as Spam.

Morning i tried to reply Ram and Momo’s ma and closed wordpress after I have done.When i opened in afternoon i could not find my comments,again i commented and i could not find it.

Now i remembered what happened in Ani’s blog,then i went to spam section and there was these 4 comments sitting in Spam and declaring me as a Spammer.I had to then clear it from Spam and approve it,for those comments to be visible.

If it could be any other blogger,whose comment was spammed is at least agreeable.Its my own blog and i have even logged in and my comment is in spam, i was about to take a screenshot and do a defect log for this one and send it across to wordpress,but i did not,should I?