Wishing everyone a prosperous and happy medam.

The Vishukkani we did is here below

Setup and image courtesy by DD.Ambuli was trying to gobble up all those grapes when he was setting up this,luckily i could divert ambuli and saved them for tomorrow.

MorningΒ  5 a.m we saw Vishukkani,ambuli included.Yet to get our Kaineetam.Had a hearty lunch today too.So new year was made up of prayers and food.

Edited toAdd: Wanted to detail Vishukkani,but lack of time i just posted pic with few words and left.The very purpose of arranging this is to look at yourself on the auspicious things on new year day just to keep the whole year prosperous,my mom used to keep kani on tamizh new year day and first job in morning is to look at it,this Vishukkani is slightly different from ours and it is in Kerala style.

Important things are ‘Vellari pazham’ and ‘ Konna poovu’,and here we got both.We kept this Vishukkani just below our teeny pooja place,DD tried to make the miorror sit on a stool and the bed side table and at last went for this teapoy,he gave his dhothi as mirror’s attire,then arranged plaintain leaves before mirror and he kept ‘Vellari pazham’ in center,and it was laced with my necklace.He took a tissue box covered it with two tissues and kept alongside of mirror to place ‘Krishna’ pic.

A new coconut was broken into two halves,one half was covered with a ‘dhaaniyam(black eyed beans in our case)’, and other with coins.All those fruits were assembled,we included dates as well,since we will not do justice being in this desert island.You can also see two lady’s fingers in this pic,since we wanted to add veggies too,and what see as grapes here is leftover from Ambuli’s pick.We dont have that traditional ‘nilavilakku’,so our small ‘ kuthuvilakku’ replaced it.

He randomly spread those ‘Konna poovu’ across and called it a Vishukkani assembly.