An award and that too for me,from the sweetest buddy on this blogosphere,guess? its swaru who was kind enough to send me this.Six months into blogging and i have gained quiet a few friends,am sure there are lot to explore and enchant,hope to grow lot of buddies soon.

It’s exciting since its first time,and a happiness is always tagged with those first time ones,so it is for me.Here is the Blogger Buddy award which she had sent me

And I would like to pass this on to

Ani: My first ever blogger friend,she was the first one to visit me and leave a comment,and surprised for sharing the same theme and header pic too.I always wonder how she manages work,home and a naughty lil one.

Ramesh: Bumped upon his blog from GILS,and i was quiet amused by the topics he chose to write,he can put down anything interesting right from election manifestos to email addiction.A buddy who is very fond of VPA.

And last one is nothing but swaru,yes she has the charming personality and a lovely gal,and i can bet that no one in this earth can go cross with this lady.She has a big bag of buddies,and truckloads of comments for her posts but yet bothered to reply to each comment personally,if i could give her another award it would be ‘Honest and Dedicated scrap’.

P.S: Some problem in providing links to these blogs,so kindly excuse.