Am doing this post in a drowsy state after a heavy lunch,to wish you all a happy new year.

Had a feast for lunch along with our neighbour,here goes the new year menu,

Sambar,Rasam,Aviyal(Boiled vegetables in coconut,green chilli sauce flavored with yoghurt and coconut oil),Vendakkai thayir pachadi (Ladys finger in Yoghurt),Mangai vella pachadi( Mango n Jaggery),Paal payasam,Aama vadai(Channa dhal vadai), kovaikkai poriyal and of course appalams(urad,rice and tapioca papads). ( Diet.aavadhu innonaavadhu,sappadaradhukku dhane porandhu irukkum,kanna moodindu sorry kanna thorandhunde amukalam)

And tomorrow is ‘Vishu‘,beginning of malayala new year,since DD is palghat variety we are celebrating it too,by arranging a vishu kani (one like this)with mirror and tomm morning  first job to look at ourselves in that mirror.may not be a heavy-duty lunch like this but the tentative menu is Puliseri(Similar to more kozhambhu),olan( red pumpkin along with green chillies cooked in coconut milk) and ada pradhaman( payasam made with rice ada) and may be eriseri(yam and plaintain cooked with pepper and urad dhal).The best part in Vishu celebration is the ‘Vishu kai neetam’,kids and younger ones in household receive money from elders.

Am feeling remorseful only for that i have not stuck to those rules(since she was up before i cud finish everything) i had set to treat  Ambuli with,i screamed at her,lost my patience many times and so on.She enjoyed paal payasam and appalams so she can forgive me.

Have a great year ahead.

P.S: Once my friend said i was completely domesticated these days,after going  through this post,even I feel that, am domesticated way beyond considering I have never knew to use a pressure cooker before marriage.