Am not a TV buff or an avid watcher,but in the absence of internet,happened to watch TV.

I bumped on two reality shows in Jaya TV during idle watch.One was completely atrocious,not sure whom they are fooling around.program titled “Arukkaani to Azhagu rani’ had assorted participants ranging from housewives,career women,college students and school girls too.

They claim that they seek potential canditates whom they can buildup as ‘Azhagu ranis’,and this program ran across various cities in TN like Madurai,Kovai,Thirunelveli and Chennai too.

This show is a complete mockery i feel,as far as i have seen the selected candidates are those who praise the judges and all teeths towards them,and i was very much surprised as from where do they(judges) come ,if am to address them in my MIL’s language they are all ‘Sarpa drishti’.(Completely appalling).

A participant enters the room where judges are there and just smiles(read as smile with all teeths),then it goes this way…

Judges: Are you ready?

P: Yes.

Judges: Tell us about yourself

P: Says something about her,blah blah…

Judges:Why have you come here?

P: I just want to become beautiful like you.

Judge1: Ohh really cool..

Judge2: She has confidence

Judge3: She has body language.

Judge1: I think i like her

Judge2: I think i too like her

Judge3: Then i will also i like her

Judges: Congrats you are selected.

P: Again all teeths and takes her paper.

As in dance shows chemistry and josh were keywords here it is confidence and body language.Not sure what is the basic rule for selection,i have seen them selecting a housewife who praised them to hell,a school student who blushed more than needed,a college student who was asked to ride a bike,and other school girl was asked a question like this from a fashion choreographer(in judge panel) ” You were given a jazzy dress with all bead works,will you wear a necklace and a ear ring,or only ear ring?”,the girl answered “Only ear ring”,the judges were blown away by her answer and declared she has ‘Fashion sense’,and no need to tell that she got selected.

Their title pic shows arukkaani with that kinda plait,but i saw girls coming in tank tops,t-shirt,jeans,kurtis with free hair,pony tails and sun glasses on head too,are they arukkaanis? (they were all beauty queens already)

But they have rejected someone who had a confidence not to accept their results.When one of the judges speak they dont have a patience to wait until that person completes,they speak a lot among themselves than to participants.I felt the whole show a shame.

The next one is “paadava unn padalai”,i liked the program but not the way Yugi behaved to few participants,i agree that participants were testing his patience, but still there could be other way around to handle them,though gangai amaran gave positive comments,i still felt bad.

This program invites new voices who can imitate some legends in music.There was one participant who had written a note like this,he had declared that he could sing in all languages and he can imitate MJ too.But when asked to sing a song,he sung horribly,yes pretty terrible.Soon after he finished Yugi asked him ‘Do you really know to sing”?, P answered yes and yugi requested him to sing like MJ,soon P replied that he had heard only 2 or 3 lines so far and he said he would try his best and blabbered something,then yugi wanted him to do one in Hindi,he was mumbling something, this time yugi lost his patience and asked ” Is hindi coming in bus from bombay”?, and he blew away his fuse,P asked sorry and left.

Gangai amaran was telling that, some people will always think that they are singing perfectly and never notice their mistakes and this P is one of them.

And i could see some rude comments from Yugi for few poor performances,not everyone is a super singer,they just want to try their best,even if you cannot appreciate them,pls dont daunt them.I remember one program where SPB was a judge and he played the role well,positive comments and no criticism at all.

All these reality shows are aimed at creating some hot news of fight between participants and judges,shameless criticism and what not? Really not sure what they want to showcase.