Yesterday we ate out and this post is inspired by that,i just wanted to jot down these may be to use as a future reference,so here is the list of indian restaurants and their best n worst stuff


Best: Pani puri,paneer masal dosai,pongal,badam halwa,icecreams(Esp double sundae).

Worst: Upma,Idli.

Gowri krishna

Best: Chola poori,chilli parota,Masala dosai,sambar vadai.

Worst: Kaima parota.


Best: Meals

Worst: Ambience.


Best: Masala dosai.

Worst: Chats.

Aachi chettinadu

Best: Pongal.

Worst: Fried rice.


Best: Veg pulav,tandoori and ambience.

Worst: Icecreams.

Copper chimney

Best: Shish kabab,all tandoori

Worst: Cant remember.


Best: Fried rice,naan,dry gravies

Worst: Soup(almost like sauce)


Best: Veg Briyani

Worst: Ambience


Best: Grand tiffin(value for money),buffet

Worst: Hyderabadi veg briyani(too much of spinach)


Best: Idli,rotis

Worst: Space between table and chairs.


Best: Bisibelabath,Briyani,chats

Worst: Neeru dosa,Veg pulav

Arab indi station,Marina mall

Best: Cocktail fruit juices.

Worst: Nothing was of great taste as for as we have tried.

Charcoal grill

Best: Fried rice,Baby corn schezwan

Worst: Salads(not really fresh)


Best: Samosa,Cutlet,Sandwiches

Worst: Meals

Bombay chowpatty

Best: Idlis,Chats

Worst: Chola poori,mysore masala dosa and sambar.


Best: Meals

Worst: Service

Bu ali

Best: In general value for money,Tandoori n gravies(Esp. Gobi manchurian)

Worst: Cant remember

Edited to Add:


It deserves a seperate post,will do it shortly.


Best: Restaurant by a Iskcon devotee,so no onion,garlic,urad dal or masala stuff,but they produce briyani and i would say its yummy,their stuffed parotas are good as well.And particularly juices are excellent.

Worst: Rotis are very hard and i feel food is slightly priced high,but for the car parking you get,its okie.

Indi restaurant in City center food court

Same as Marina mall food court,not so best.

Punjab tigers

Best:Thali meals and lassi

Worst: Its bit scary to eat alone during lunch time,guess there are more patrons during dinner.

Anand Bhavan

Best: Dosas and pulav

Worst: Ambience and hygiene.

There are a lot more restaurant to try like Asha’s(Asha bonsley’s),Kalpaka,Annalakshmi,Korma,Taka tak etc.,so will edit this once am there.

To this list there are many more small eat outs like shabeeba,priya,kushboo idli kadai and so on,they are bachelor’s paradise.