Yes, i was really unable to answer this question of DD.The question is “Why are into the business of breaking laptops?”.I haven’t spoiled things much in my lfetime except for a MP3 player and a lost digi cam.These two are out of my control and ambuli has a definite share in these brutal cases,anyway i cannot answer the question.

Its the second in ten days time,the alibaba laptop lost its life and made me unable to connect to the real world.No mails,orkut,facebook and ofcourse blogging and blog hopping.

Two days of no internet left the day long and world was boring.DD is truly a better half who felt my pain and brought his office laptop today home.

And i have just connected to real world,still lot of posts to be read,reader is showing unread items more than handful but what to do,the person who is very kind hearted and affectionate to bring me up the laptop,had not brought the charger.

Am really moved by his deed,not only for bringing laptop without charger,but for that he tried hard to fix other old laptop so that i get a permanent solution.How nice a person he is?I feel like crying but am afrad if he would sing this “Unn kannil neer vadindhal kannamma enn nenjil udhiram kottudhadi”.( If there were tears in your eyes my dear,it feels like my heart wounded)

Tomorrow is weekend so no internet for other 3 days.And this 7 year old alibaba is dead once for all i guess,no news on new laptop,and  certainly cant go for new laptop now,so for now am disconnected from webworld,i may be on sometimes,hopefully should catch up on all unread items when am online once again until then bye to all.