First time am taking up the tag from swaram after intimidating her to reply to all of them below.So if you  guys can reply for all these ones below it would be gr8.Swaru pls reply as requested by me,others come on, pour in your ownway.

Here you go:

1. Who are you?

2.Are we friends?

3.Something which i have and YOU want?

4.Pls gimme a nick name and explain why u chose that?

5.Describe in one word.

6.What was your first impression on me?

7.Do you still think that way abt me?

8.What reminds you of me?

9. If you would gimme anything,what would it be?

10.How well do you know me?

11.How do you see me in future?

12.Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?

13.Are you going to post this in your blog to see what i say abt you?

All of you who reply pls take up this tag(not related to Q 13.)