1. Practise drip irrigation with sipper.

2.Squish food and massage all over body.

3.Try jumping on couch and drumming on TV.

4.When amma is not paying attention,open water dispenser and flood the kitchen.

5.See if you can play basket ball with a tea strainer and potato or onion or garlic.

6.Take edges of bread from amma’s toast and promptly place it in dustbin.

7.Turn pages of book even while nursing.

8.Remove those dried clothes from laundry line and spread it across each room.

9.Scent the whole house with asafoetida which was kept forgetful in a place reachable.

10.Sneak into pooja almirah,on attempt to taste that swami neivedya(offered to god) milk sprinkle it across almirah.

11.Wait for the time amma opens fridge and raid in that cycle gap available.