Yesterday while half way browsing the laptop died on me,its brand new(6 months)(will you say 6 month old on as outdated?) and from Compaq.Some bizarre sound and a blue screen popped up and asked me to shutdown.I switched off the power and switched on again,it clearly showed me “disk read error”.

Believed nothing would be serious,i tried it again in other 1 hr,this time boot setup failure then i smelt its termination.

With a heavy heart I called up DD and confessed,(Thank god,he did not barked),he was not much bothered except for the data,since it’s under warranty.

Then i got back to my work and finished it all,while ambuli was still sleeping,i had plenty of time left.

God,I was spending most of my time blogging and blog hopping and in google reader,and claiming I have no time left.I have been addicted to blogging and on the bigger scale its internet.

It’s not that i have not used internet before but now my addiction suffers a good increase,before I have read some food blogs which I follow and some magazines and will be backto my work,but now these blogs are taking up all y time.

I had also been glued to this one when ambuli is up and running,and now i have made a promise to myself that,never be in front of laptop when the toddler is eating up the house.

And today am successful with that,hope i will kept it for ever and spend those saved time for my sweet lil one.

Trivia: I have an other alibaba laptop which can be called as Desktop to be precise(hooked on to power always,else sleeps),so working from that today.DD had taken that laptop to service center and there is no way that they could take a backup of data available,(he did not cursed me afterall) it has most of his data and few recent pics of ambuli.Normally he takes a backup every month but this month he missed and i have killed it and I have found my time to do things.A blessing in disguise.