Ambuli had taught me something new today,and i wonder how ignorant was i till then.

When she is awake and am on laptop,she always keeps fiddling the keyboard and does many changes.Today it was that she opened up Microsoft narrator,i don’t know this one existed before.

As usual she was fiddling and this window popped up and started announcing the window details,yes it is for visually impaired.Enlists all details including pop-up window,choice of buttons and how to reach to those buttons and its results too.

Narrator is excellent,it repeats those details until we make a choice.After all ambuli introduced this to me.

On a other note yesterday she was pretty idle in car when we set out,guess what?

DD was running a new music CD and the song was “Puli urumuthu” from vettaikaran,i guess she was stunned listening to that,it took two more songs(good ones indeed,not from vettaikaran) to come back to her usual self.