Happy Women’s Day to everyone out there!!

Às every other day(Valentine,Mother’s,Father’s etc.,)  Women’s day is also new to us,and it is right from western countries

Women’s day is really special considering that it started as a protest for poor working conditions that women faced.It had been just another day for me,except one year.

It was four years back when one of my Project Manager wanted to know about Women’s day,after explaining he left with a ok sign.

But in evening those men out there arranged a blast for us.We girls were called to cafeteria and there was everything.Few performances from boys,games,a cake and a gift for everyone from a mix of coasters,cosmetics etc.,.

He just made it all fun for us,i was sure every female enjoyed.In addition he also wanted to gift his wife for this day.I did not saygifting is the only idea of celebrating,but still a gift brings happiness.And we all enjoyed,thanks Mr.P for celebrating women’s day.