I have started potty training for ambuli,as per her paediatrician advice.

Am not using diapers and making her wear cloth underpants.It will be one week since i bought the gadget.But in evenings she wears diaper and when in doubt i just check her removing pants and if am expecting i have to remove diaper(may be i should try training pants) and wait for sometime and when there is no sign of coming,i just make her wear diaper and no sooner i do that,it gets soiled.Sigh,she knows it all.

Day 1,2,3 no luck, even to go near that,day 4 i just hurried to bring that when she was half way,day 5 and 6 only once she made to it.

Even if i make her sit on it,i should sit along with some toy to encourage her.

She herself not able to tell if she wants to poop,by her gestures i realise and bring the gadget. Dont ask me about peeing,she does it everywhere and anywhere(What am i expecting from a 15 month old).Even before i had given her nappy free times and cleaned her every ten mins pee,the worst thing is am bathing her half body everytime she pees or poops,changing bedsheets twice a day(i have around 6 bedsheets so its ok) and sometimes the peeing is small that the cloth underpant absorbs it all and i see it a little later(may be the reason for still running nose a week back) and remove it.And while playing across room she pees somewhere and starts tapping it,often slips over it,but when it comes to poop she leaves the site immediately after work is finished and makes an action of closing her nose and hitting on her head saying áaa’ (Trying to say áai”)

The funny part is when asked where should you pee and poop,she promptly points out the potty,with the same action what she does after poop,but refusing to sit on it.

Today DD made her sit on it and was successful,and even when she is playing i made her sit on it and now it works,when called upon realisation she comes and sits and knows to stand without help also.While writing this post,i succesfully made her to poop in potty,and am just dreaming about the day when she will clean her butt on her own.

But i think there is a long way to go before i announce it as a success,miles to go before i stop changing soiled diaper.

Try watching this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25Eh9ZuAPTA.