Ambuli is down since saturday,she met her paediac on saturday and he said its just throat infection and bcoz of this nasal path is blocked and ears also seemed to be blocked.

Insane me to pass it on to her without taking any medicines myself.Tha evening her temperature rose until 39 C that we gave her calpol which she threw up by inserting finger in mouth.

Sunday morning we went back again and found that left ear is infected,since she is threwing up every medicines,i did not wish to give her oral antibiotics,i wanted to give her those AB shots so that medicine goes in.So sunday,monday and today she had 3 shots in total and still not feeling better.Sunday i got fever and consulted doctor and took my course of medicines,and still coughing.

She is after me in this habit of threwing up medicines,poor gal has got 3 injections,i bribed her with chocolate before and after injection(she never had choc before).

Hope cough and running nose ceases in other 2 days,there is a review on thursday,i wish she should be ok by that time.