Yes,we had to do it again,but this time, less pain.I had replaced the big stud with a ring and the way she sleeps it had completely lost its shape and one ring was lost in bed,which i could not find again.

Also she pulled the other ring and  got a wound that i had to remove that single ring as well.So the hole eventually disappeared,again i bought a small stud with long stem, and had an idea to do ear boring with GRT jewellery.

Last saturday i had taken her to Isabel for a final paediatrician visit,when i asked her about ear boring she suggested a plastic surgeon in the same hospital.

So monday i called hospital around 8 am to find out whether doctor is available or not and to fix an appointment,one who answered the phone told me she will be available from 9.30 to 10.30 am and i can just walk in without an appointment.

I disturbed her sleep and rushed up to hospital only to find that doctor was on leave that day.I had to request the administration lady to find out if any other doctor is available,she called up to various places to locate the doctor and informed me that, they will never do ear boring immediately,they will have to see the baby,and then fix an appointment and bring her on suggested time to finish it off.I told her am leaving the country tommorrow and if she can help me,she asked me to head to minor operation theater and there was the doctor.

He told me to bring the baby in evening after applying the prescribed cream for 6 times in an hour.I was very reluctant to come to hospital again in evening and felt can do it in Bahrain itself.But DD wanted to finish this here itself and come back there.

We started applying the cream from 3 in evening and we were there @ 4,but he had a surgery that he came to minor OT only @ 4:30 pm. Ambuli was sound sleeping when we were in hospital.They took Ambuli from me and locked the door outside,my heart was pounding to hear the scream(first ear boring was almost a night mare even to look at the baby,she cried to long time and was very fussy till evening),but for long i did not hear her crying,only  at last few minutes she started crying,that too bcoz of strangers i guess.She stopped crying once she came to me.

Am happy that she was not feeling painful or fussing much bcoz of this,though the minor Operation bill was taxing.

On the travel note,am done with all those purchases,packed almost everything.As listed we did not had a chance to go in maadi rail and AC bus,rest were done.Am  sulky to go back,except for DD being there and our wedding anniversary is nearing.Am sure she going to miss all the fun,outings and pamperings  she had here.The weather is worse now there,temperature dropping to 7 or 8 in night,and am not so comfy with winter.Hope to write next one from Bahrain soon.