Dont mistake that i have undergone a Angio,not so early.Well,angio was for my MIL and the sight of angio room itself terrified me,she underwent a cardio AG and result was normal,no blocks.

Inspite of local anesthesia,she remarked that the pain was terrible.A catheter from hand vein till tip of heart,imagination even scares.Three liquids including hot iodine solution sent inside,oops health is wealth.

Now we are gearing up for travel,5 more days and we will be in Bahrain.Yet to get our dresses from tailor,to purchase few dresses for ambuli, than all these i need to lunge atleast few books for her,am sure this exercise would be tough.I have gathered all my strength back after dentist visit to be fit for travelling alone with ambuli,i believe she would be sleeping during travel,since it is early morning,i prefer to feed her and make her sleep and rest my back.