Ambuli is growing up day by day and her learning curve follows along,and reminds me of those rebellious teen days of mine,its unfair of god to be back after me with my daughter so early,but what to do none can escape.These are something on her learning curve…Bad news first and good news last….

1. Screams like anything at any given time,when she is awake,you can hear her scream for anything including attention.Scream had become a part of her language.

2.Hitting people,for both fun and fury she hits people,at times it pains.(Believe these two are phases and go away soon,one of my cousin even cursed me that my baby should be right after me in teens,but this is earlier).

3.She recognizes those pillayar present at each door step and actions that “Shuklam baratharam” by folding her hands and knocking on forehead corners.

4.She can join two hands and pray to god.

5.After hitting everyone when asked to say sorry,she instantly serves one by waving hand to that victim.

6.Along to this when asked to swear that she will not repeat that,soons he waves hand as “no not again” and the next minute she  hits.

7.She loves to play her ammaamma’s “idli vaarthu,nandu ooruthu” game in her hand.

8.She throws away her book and when told “ummachi kannula othikko”,readily does it and guess what happens next min?? you know it,she repeats.

9.Too much of walking had enabled to raid all those areas within reach and get hurt somewhere.

10. To top all these,when falling onto sleep she repeats all those actions like praying,idli vaarthu game etc.,she does everything including waving bye,am not sure what is the big deal of review before falling asleep.

P.S: Am just recovering from a dental surgery and will in mother india for two more weeks,just relaxing.