We are enjoying in chennai while DD is singing

“Manama nagaram urangum neram” in Bahrain.Climate there is getting chill,and he is not doing well.We are in my place, relaxing and Ambuli enjoying.But i miss him too,though am not sure what ambuli is feeling.

Ambuli is doing a lot of things after coming here,the top ten goes here,

1.Adamant – Showing too much resistance for anything.

2.Self feeding – She wants to feed everything by herself.

3.Vocabulary -Seems to have learnt few words.

4.Walking – Started walking a lot on her own but

not completely walking,she does crawls.

5.Time outs: She wants to go near gate all the time

to watch those stray dogs.(Wat am i going to do in bahrain?)

6.EI factor: Too much of a emotional intelligence,though its not all of a sudden,its quiet high these days.

7.Entertainment: Getting that non stop entertainment

which always she wishes.

8.Disturbed sleep: She is having a very disturbed sleeping pattern after coming here.

9.Nappy free times: She is having all day nappy

free time,due to too much of protest am facing.

10.Separational anxiety absence: She is not showing a bit of anxiety in my absence,i left her for 4 hrs with my in laws and my mom and she was happy playing around,though she instantly came to me once am in,she never made a fuss when am not around.

So this is what is happening now,we are back to bahrain in 10 days of time.