Dont be surprised for the title,will explain you later.

I wanted to see chenai sangamam and we had been to CS in Bessy beach.There was a moderate crowd and climate was good.Some rock music competition was going on, i expected to see myilaatam,oyilaatam,karagattam types and was disappointed bcoz of rock stuff.

What a bad luck,the day was full of rock music and other dances,which was notmy choice.But they did their best,lot of new instruments to their help and I would say the infrastructure was all great.After 30 mins of rock music,we wanted to answer the call of stomach.(Sevikku unavilladha pozhudhu vayitrukku iyappadum)

We moved to food stall,and the very first stall attracted me with these wording ” Tamizhargalin Sanga kaala Parambariya mikka unavana Savorit semiyavai undu magilungal” ,and there was three food stuff with semiya,they were priced individually and there was also a combo offer.I really wonder if semiya existed in sanga kaalam? Anyone with sanga kala knowledge pls update me.

And I was taken away by surprise to see too many plates with semiya upma,upma is the food for rejection in home,even servant would say she has food from other houses if offered upma,but upma was the choice of many in Sangamam.But good for wifes,they can prepare semiya upma anyday later and can serve,making them remember this sanga kaala semiya upma in sangamam.

There was virudhunagar ennai parota and lot of non-veg stuff,tirunelveli halwa,villiputhur paalgova,kovilpatti kadalai mittai,manapaarai murukku etc.,

There was too much of rush in Catering college stall,when i went there was able to appreciate,there were good variety of food and all young girl students were serving while those boys where boiling near stove.

Being veggie there was not much of choice for us,we went for a light snack,veg bondas 3 for Rs.20. It was not bad.

We had our dinner in Murugan idli shop,DD was not so happy with their food,he bought masala dosa and it was sour,i ordered pongal and it was great as usual. We both had Jhikar thanda for the first time n we did not like it.Ambuli had idli’s there,one thing which i cant understand is,she always rejects idli’s in home and loves it in hotel.Anyway i was happy that she finished her dinner without much of a fuss.