After a week of troubling cold and throat infection, feeling better today. Ambuli is still suffering from running nose.DD got his vacation extended for one more week, since ambuli is not doing well, and my vacation extended for two more weeks. After strenuous schedule of ayusha homam, travel to tiruchendhur and mottai, we are relaxing now.

Ayusha homam was not as tough as I had imagined her exposure to ‘homa pugai’was considerably less and she was not irritated, pattu pavadai was not a problem since climate was cool. But ear boring took the credit of trouble. After too many useless advices and discussions we went with the stud which we bought and it was big, but  there was a ring type stud  which my mom got and a small stud which was used when I had ear boring ceremony. I was helpless and holding her tightly when she was on my cousin’s lap, áachari’ was there to do ear boring. It’s really painful watching her during the ceremony; I could not control my tears. But the second ear was quicker than first one, once it was all over, she stuck on to me, refused to go to anyone, even dad.I fed her and she slept for a while, between sleep she was weeping once in a while, watta painful stuff for this small sweetie pie. After meal and a good afternoon’s sleep she was alright, came to normal. With earrings she looks good, but the pain for it is bit high.

Evening we had some cake and games for neighbour kids, ambuli did enjoyed it. Here you get a lot of fancy items, we got a crown with few colourful stones for 10 Rs and a musical lotus flower b’day candle for 30 Rs, her cake was bunny with a shopping bag.

Next day afternoon, we set out for Tiruchendur for mottai. We took a Tiruchendur express from central, it was a 15 hrs journey, but that is the only straight train. Near temple there are few cottages available, we took one with two bedrooms, living room and a dining room, for one day they charged us 400 bucks, completely reasonable. Being Tuesday and Iyyappa season, there was a moderate rush.

For mottai they charge 10 rs and give árai(half) blade’,’sandhanam’ free. The way to head shaving place was not clean and a huge pile of hair spread all across the entrance of head shaving place welcomed us.DD went in with daughter while I stayed outside, he picked up fight with one person and moved to other, since he was not happy to do shaving with him. Other one he found was great, he did  very smoothly that ambuli stopped crying after few initial tears, but at some point ambuli lost interest in showing her head and shook in spite of DD holding her and  there was a deep cut with gushing blood, still there was a lil to be shaved, that person rushed up quickly and advised to stop her crying, since if she keep on crying blood loss will be more, as I had taken bath, DD tried managing her but could not, I had to hold her and there came a blow out for my rescue, she stopped crying and laughed at it, he was right, blood flow ceased as soon as she stopped crying.

Then we headed to Tiruchendur beach for bathing as the procedure is, the sea looks like a two colored pie, one half looks brown in color and rest is blue, not sure if it is dirt or anything which made the color change. We dared to take bath in sea and even ambuli had it there (that is the reason for all trouble in the past one week I presume).

We went to my MIL’s native place nearby that night and started to Chennai on Wednesday night.

Ambuli got high fever more than 101 and running nose on Wednesday. She was suffering throughout the travel; I should definitely mention the state of southern railway trains, it was pathetic, be it sleeper, or 3AC or even 2AC it was full of cockroaches which ranges in all sizes and rats running here n there. I have often travelled to Coimbatore in college days and I remember better trains, definitely not like this, even train to guruvayoor for her choroon was not bad, \and am not sure if it is only trains to south tamilnadu is bad.

We took Pothigai express on return and it was worse than Tiruchendur express.

Thursday morning we took her to hospital, I tried Sinarest with paracetamol and then crocin, fever was not coming down, then it was Ibugesic which seemed to answer her viral fever. Running nose should get better soon.

 I missed the book fair this year being in Chennai.This Pongal is second one for her, though there is not much to enjoy in a city pongal, am sure it will be better than Bahrain. We have a plan of visiting Dakshina chitra,as there is  lot of Pongal events planned, good luck if we can take her there.Wishing you all  very HAPPY PONGAL(S).