We are here since Friday morning. As usual it’s nice to be here and uncomfortable with certain things too. The travel wasn’t pleasant, before check in we had a relaxing time at lounge in airport, that was the only comfy time I could remember, could not sleep even for a minute during flight.

Ambuli slept for around 1 hour since takeoff, the front rows   with 2 set of parents. Without any belief I requested a bassinet for her, the reply was, bassinets are only for infants within 7 months. Am not sure if this is the case for long distance flights too or what is the case in other airlines. But see they were not able to offer bassinet for a 6 month old baby even, they had forgotten to load it. I was very unhappy bcoz they did not even know whether a bassinet is there or not, they searched for long time and finally apologized to those couple. Other two babies also had a good sleep since take-off. It’s absolute trouble to handle food and a sleeping baby in flight, all 6 of us had to go through it, husbands got the first chance to eat with two set of plates in their tray, then juggle between finished plates, sleeping baby and transfer of fresh plate to wife.

I read their ad of sky nanny and believed I will have one for my rescue when needed, but wise DD told me,never believe them, you are sure to get an answer as not for this flight or not for this sector, blah, blah, oops and I received the same answer, not for this sector, only if the travel time is more than 8 hrs. I felt lucky that it’s only a short flight, and I was waiting for the travel to get over.

Had a good sleep reaching home.  We tried one from our list in evening; it’s the two wheeler ride. Ambuli rejected to sit in between us and cried like anything, she was too scared to see her dad in helmet.

She was bouncing all through the way. She enjoyed Marundeeswarar temple in thiruvanmiyur, she saw too many people, dogs, and cows and there were some musical instruments being played, she loved it. Way back home also she feared the bike, but since she was too tired slept on the way.

Next few days were shopping with my mother, and she enjoyed auto. We had been to Nalli and Rmkv for her dresses, she cried like anything for the balloons setup for Christmas in Rmkv and even the sales man were helpless as they cannot remove those balloons, I tried diverting her but no luck, She turned my chin and pointed towards those balloons.

As usual traffic sucks in Chennai, seems that lot more cars than before every time we come. Mosquitoes are posing a greater threat to ambuli , she got bigger wounds from bites that we scared, if it would be anything else, but her doctor confirmed that its classical mosquito bite and every year she is seeing few hundred cases like this, in  babies coming from abroad, she also added if you are here for 3 months she will get used to it, poor baby,I curse those mercy less mosquitoes.

Ambuli is having good time with all the folks around here, and we too are enjoying. Now AC bus,beach and maadi rail are pending, new addition in the list is book fair, I wish I could go or that.

More posts on AH,mottai and kaadhu kuthal later,and wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!