We are going on vacation to India today.Purpose of vacation are Ayusha homam,head shaving and ear boring.DD planned to be back after 15 days and am going to be there till Jan 22,so its short of 3 days for a month’s vacation.

I guess i will be able to do some posts from there.Nothing else is planned other than Ayusha homam and a trip to Tiruchendur for head shaving.

Ayusha homam is going to be tough i guess,not to mention the rest head shaving and ear boring.Ambuli has too much of resistance,i just cant imagine how she will react for all these.After mottai and thodu she is going to get a different look.

She can muse herself with her favorites,coconut trees and crows.Since she had started dancing even when i say”tin tana tin”,DD expects her to dance for auto,car horns as well.We wish to take her in Electric train(parakkum train esp),AC bus and of course the national vehicle auto,should try a two wheeler ride with her,cotton candies,kamarcut,dakshin chitra is inthe list,lively thenga maanga pattani sundal beach,the dust and the rest….the list goes endless,should make a good time for her in India.A trip back home brings in a to do list and unexplainable happiness.Hope we enjoy.

Will post you on updates from India.