This is going to be a lengthy post.Yesterday i did a post and saved it,but it disappeared in cyber air.So redoing the same stuff again.

How did the party go??

Four words,all went very well.Inspite of  last-minute planning,traffic chaos and  goof ups,it was a party which everyone enjoyed(at least I believe so).

Let me tell you what was all there…

Pre B’day episode:

Since i had a plan to travel early on End of Nov for ayusha homam,party was not planned at all.She got measles and i stayed back and thus a party was planned.


We did checked few hotels and settled for the one in which we gave our marriage party.It was not a bad choice.


I found a pastry chef who works from home and makes cake of custom designs.I had to travel to other end of Bahrain to pay advance and confirm the order.


An absolute last minute deal,i had been telling DD about this long back,but he was not very keen,two days before b’day he found a person.I gave my specifications,few cannot be implemented was the answer,but final one was good.


I had chosen one few weeks back,but did not buy.@ 11th hour we went for shopping and DD wanted to buy a girlie dress like frock or skirt.We did searched for one like that but no luck.Ended up buying the one i had chosen.It was Blue tops and Pink pant.


This one was pretty delayed we had sent it out just 5 days before b’day.DD had worked out so much, to give my ideas a life.Invite was appreciated by most.

Return Gift/Thank you:

I felt too hard and lazy to buy gifts for guests ranging from singles,one with toddlers and preschoolers and schoolers.So voted for Thank you cards.I searched for card material and lost,Dd managed to get some cards,when started with card making i realised i did not have sketches and had only watercolor,got it juz the day before and burnt mid night oil to get it all ready.

On her B’day:

I got up early to finish off the remaining cards and DD had his own portion remaining.Also i had to pack those party loot bags.I had to prepare something for BF and Lunch as well.DD got up soon after me and got his hands on  cards.

Ambuli received her first gift from neighbour S and she was asleep when they came.She woke up around 10.30 and she never had her morning nap at all.Had a hard time managing her and arranging things,we juz remembered decorations in the party hall was still pending,and DD decided to go around 4 pm and do finish it.At this point we still had some shopping pending(gifts for games).

The cake lady called up and said she is coming for a Christmas event in a hotel near to our place and checked if we can collect it from her @ 5 pm.Since there was no choice left,we said ok.

Soon after lunch DD set out for shopping,and i attempted to make her sleep. By then we had finished our cards.She went asleep around 3:00 pm.I started packing loot bags with a blowout,party hat and a choclate.

I heard her crying @ 3.30 and found that it was the call on my mobile which had woke her up.Who else will call me,it was my dear who had a doubt in gifts.I answered him and made an attempt to make her sleep,when i was halfway thru the landline rang,i had no choice than to hold ambuli,rush to it and answer.It was the call from Backdrop person,she said it is all ready and i can pick it up from her place.

DD was back home around 4 pm.Now we had to collect cake n backdrop,do decorations.DD rested for a while and went to collect the cake @ 4:45 pm,forgetting the thank you card i prepared for the baker.

He came home with the cake,had a cup of coffee and set out for hotel@ 5.30pm to do decors.We bothered a friend to collect the backdrop.Being National day the traffic was sucking and DD reached hotel only by 6:15 pm.

With ambuli i was able to complete all the required packings and started dressing her up.I called DD to find out where he was and he was still in Hotel it was 6:45 pm then.He came back by 7:15 pm.

Ambuli was all set for the party,i was yet to get ready and worse DD had to get a shave,take bath and get ready.Remember we invited our guests to be in hall around 7:30 pm.

After 20 mins of quick run,we set out to hotel @ 7:50 pm.Heavy traffic and we reached hotel by 8:30 pm,just to be welcomed by few of our guests.(Shameless we)

Over to party hall..

Party Hall times:

The important point in this post is this:

I was taken away by the way ambuli had sported it,this gal knows the situation well and plays accordingly,she will survive i need not fear.Say we had 40 guests, she had a good time with all those,lapping from person to person and enjoying with them.She was such an angel and doll throughout the session.She readily went to everyone,infact refused to comeback to me,i wondered if she remembered there is one human being called amma.She never went cranky,cried,complained or screamed at least one.She was such an darling kid all the way,ppl wondered her as a happy baby.And she made me proud,as i said earlier she felt its her day and made merry around.


Soon as we arrived we decided to cut the cake since it may get late.We just had few words with our guests and waited for few ppl to be in.Kids fancied the cake and they adored it,its worth all the effort taken.




Backdrop was a last minute work as said earlier,i had given two choices to that lady and preferred one personally.She executed my preference but with few rejections,it was a b’day banner and wishes with a title as ” Her journey as a baby to toddler” with twelve milestone photos embedded in balloons.

It was small size banner,but still she beautifully inserted titles too.

It came out very well.

Party games:

I had planned for 3 games overall for each age group.Mr.V helped a lot to take it.There was one game from our guest Mr.K and we all enjoyed it.

The game for toddlers was little collectors in which a basket of balls is palced in podium,parents n kids stand in the other end and parents encourage the kid to pick it up from basket and hand it over to them,highest no.of balls collected is the criteria.Baby gal S had won the game.

It was musical chair for the older kids,initially two kids faught forone chair when few chairs were free,then we restarted the game.This lil gal G had won it inspite of big boys playing with her.


Then it was a game of smells for adults.Players were blindfolded and let smell the five cup of strong flavors which i had arranged,once done their eyes are let free and they have to write down those stuff they had smelled in the same order as they were,its really tough to remeber the order,i tell ya.Ms.J was excellent to remember everything correctly and had put everything in order except for one.

The unplanned game was balloon and spoon,it was sheer fun watching it.


There was a lot of starters remaining when we opened the buffet,its bcoz we went for two starters,it should have been one.The food was palatable except for that gobi 65 which they had screwed up with excess oil.Me and neighbour P was the last to eat and there was no pulao left for us.

Thanks and Record:

We made ambuli to personally thumb impress each card of Thanks,which we gave out to guests.Ambuli was not that bad when we took her impression,she does not have property or liablity so she had not feared to give her kainaatu.

We maintain a baby record book from her birth,it had a page to record first b’day happenings,we had our guests sign in it.

So it all went very well and i could hear positive appreciation from our guests,dont we deserve it??

Well,to conclude ambuli turned me down by her behavior for writing such an stupid article.I believe first b’day party is a doable one,with a kid smart enough to behave well on that occasion.