Ambuli loves to hold the headboard of the cot and dance as she wish,usually in this posture she holds one of her toys(not necessarily toy,anything which she can hold n lift) and keeps banging on the headboard.

Sometimes she tries dropping the same,in the space between cot and wall.And usually i pick it up from there and keep it safe.Recently i have practised her to stay on cot even in my absence for few minutes,thus i can have my shower or go check in kitchen and come back to her.

I could realize that some of her toys missing,and two days back when i started cleaning under the cot i could find a hidden treasure,and you know ambuli is the culprit

So here goes the list of  hidden treasure

1. My hair clip(missing since a month)

2. 2 stacking cups.

3. 1 stacking ring.

4. Her favorite gel teether.

5. 3 ball point pens.

6. A pink squeezy ball.

7. 1 skirt of her.

8. 2 cloth diapers.

9. 2 play gym toys.

This is what i could remember,there were few other items too,let me not bore you with a long list.