Warning : If you are someone who is having a toddler soon baby and planning to host a party on that occasion to celebrate toddler b’day as motherhood(or parenthood) anniversary,stop right here,this post is not for you.

Here i put forward some thoughts which can happen in the first b’day party of a poor toddler.

Qualification: Though your patience levels have increased considerably after baby,this is a special occasion requiring special levels of patience since your guests may be interested in testing your patience levels.

One month before b’day: You receive all these baby newsletters telling you it is the right time to start planning for your baby’s first b’day.You consider those mails and start with process.Edit guest list,visit places,find out prices,plan menu,find add-ons that can be attractive(DJ,clown,balloon bursting,bouncing castle,magician,so on and so forth),invites,thank you cards,buy dresses and planning for return gifts.

After a strenuous phase you feel happy for yourself since you have decided on B’day party to do list.Now its all set for a successful b’day party.

On the Big day: You are waiting for the evening to come,you are excited.You and partner dress up and you pack the boy/girl with suit/sherwani/definitely jazzy dress,baby is lucky if it is winter,else they may curse you for packing him/her full.He/She may go cranky if you have done any hairstyle which bothers them,they may shatter it any moment,keep an eye always.

 You set out for hotel/b’day venue,he/she may enjoy initial minutes since the venue is empty(his will not happen if you are not punctual and if your guests arrive before in time),light arrangements,decorations,his/her own b’day poster etc.,(pls remember this nice time).

Guests start arriving in and the lil one starts getting cranky seeing crowd.

Photo/Gift session begins:Hope your guests had not walked up bare hands,they would definitely like to give it you (gift) and make a memory of that by taking a photo.Your guests walk in one by one and handover the gift to you,ideally they should leave at this point but its not completed until they talk to lil ones,they may touch him/her ask him how she/he is feeling,may greet happy b’day(as if the baby understands every thing).Thus the making cranky session had begun,some of your guests may even want to hold the baby(few actually wud say any baby would come to them and will never cry,they actually want to test your piece) topping it all.All you can do at this point to make an attempt for guiness record by  smiling through out the session(dont forget to look in mirror the day after to check if the smile had actually got stuck on to your face).

Some guests would be  kind enough to ask if he/she is tired and just leave you in peace(Long live those ones).The photographer records all these with his powerful lights and he never has any intention to hurt your baby’s eyes(He is just working for the money which you are going to pay him).Your baby may wonder him/herself why so much pain for me when they tell me it is a happy b’day(babies are really smarter than we think what they are).

Guests with babies try  to keep them in peace,while guests with older children relax themselves chatting.

You may at any point of time feel foolish for arranging one like this,and hope the session ends soon.

Cake cutting/Buffet session:You call out  for cake cutting by yourself or your DJ can do this for you,now the entire crowd surrounds you leaving no air(lucky you if it is an open air party).With all their wishes n the usual happy b’day song the cake would get cut(actually you will try hard if your lil one can do this,for the torture  he/she had faced so far, they may turn you down).
 Then begins the buffet,should you not exhibit your courteous skills being a host?? You may feel blessed if any of your guest offers to take care of the baby(your baby should feel ok anyway) leaving you to perform your host role,if not ,you parents should take turns to manage baby.

Jump from table to table and have few words and find out if they are feeling good about menu.Take care that everyone is attending buffet.

All of a sudden guests starts disappearing you wave them bye, give them thank you card and return gift,while baby is on his/her way to sleep.Once the crowd had disappeared you just feel how exhausted you are and remember about your dinner(actually you feel whats wrong if it going to be a dinner less night).

Pack those gifts(obviously after dinner) and head home with baby sleeping.

Once you enter your place,you find the baby is awake,and its already 30 mins past 12 pm.

Huh, its enough for your life(will you ever host a first b’day party for your second child??)

Disclaimer: If you decide to drop the party planned,am not responsible.

P.S: Post inspiration a recent b’day party to which i have been,am due for one shortly,decided to drop it .