If you love rain,better not read it further.

Guess what? Its raining here in the desert,this is the second shower(?!) in the past 10 days.One was on last Friday and you can call it down pour considering the rain statistics here,DD feared accidents as it is raining heavily(pls note this is a relative term),and as there is no facility for rain water draining(who expects it afterall).

But the downpour stopped in a while on Friday.Today i have not even looked over my window to find hows weather,and when i opened the door in afternoon found that the climate was gloomy and not sunny(even in winter sun will be shining brightly @ 20 degree C).When DD was back home for lunch,i asked  is it gloomy today?? he smirked at me saying that it is raining outside,i just overlooked through the window and found dark clouds and it had rained enough just to wet the road.

Later now in evening DD was bothered enough to call me and update that it is drizzling through out the afternoon,if it goes like this we would get drowned in the rain flood and scared me.

Yes am scared of rains, i hate rains,i hate heavy rains,i hate frequent rains,i hate down pours and what not about rains.many are surprised to hear this(I assume that those  who hate rain and its after effects,still stick on to the state of loving rain, fearing they will be left alone  if they say they hate rain).Somehow from childhood i hate rain,worked in a Tnagar office during heavy rains in chennai had grown my hatred for rain manifolds.(Journey to kodambakkam station was sooo painful in rainy days,at least schools and colleges are off during heavy rains but not an office).Rain is essential but it irritates and sucks where it is poorly managed.I felt okie for rain when in Singapore,since it will be a clean road left for you post rain.Execellent rain(water) drain(is it rhyming?) facility.

For those who love rain  when they are both inside and outside their window,i say rain is pain( rhyming again??).Ask those platform vendors and those who dwell in platform,its real pain.I guess they will sing the song “Rain rain go away” if their wishes could come true.

In this country  total rains in a year may not be more than a handful.It rains few times when winter begins and when winter ends,at least i can show Ambuli what rain is afterall.

P.S:Recent update DD wants to start bit late from office as it is still raining(Am not sure if his receptionist is doing an OT)