This is for those who say knowledge is power…

I agree knowledge is power,but sometimes ignorance is bliss and knowledge is not.15 days back ambuli was down with fever,we took her to doctor and he advised to administer calpol and see if the temperature decreases,if not bring her tommorrow.Even after calpol temperature was high,so we took her again and he ordered a blood test for total counts.The lymphocytes count were up indicating that she is having viral infection.We are left with no choice since virus has to take its own course to heel down,we just gave calpol to relieve her from any body pain.3 days later she was not having fever and was enjoying herself,that afternoon i found few rashes in and around nose and applied baby lotion.Evening the the rashes were worse,she had it all over torso.We went to doc again suspecting it as a measles rash,he then revealed it looks like classical measles rash after examining her mouth for white spots.I asked him if there is a way i can confirm measles,he told this hospital doesn’t have that facility, you should head to central government hospital(medical facilities in this country sucks).DD said he is not interested in taking her there.Doctor was kind enough to tell us that in india i can easily check for measles antibodies and suggested to do it there if we are travelling soon.

Ambuli was prescribed with an antihistamine(irritation reliever) and a calamine lotion,and a very scary note that she should not develop any fever or diarrhea.I should have stopped with that,but i asked what would happen if she develops any,and got a reply as  it may lead to deafness or dumbness and viral pneumonia and worst case a brain infection,it was too scary,i tell you.

At least i should have stopped by then,but i did not,(what do you think about me?)came home googled more on measles and bumped upon a website which gave even more scary facts(1 in 1000 dies out of this),given that am naturally paranoid,i cant even explain you how scared i was(small example: i was checking her temp for every 30 mins,only to make her cry of that uncomfy armpit thermometer).

After 5 days rashes disappeared(probably the virus was scared of me),but i was still looking for those non-appearing rashes for other 5 days.I guess now ambuli is perfectly alright and fears even the sight of thermometer and i believe her screams in mid night cud be bcoz of that armpit thermometer nightmare.

So,after sailing through the rough sea with all bothering info i gathered,why would i not tell ignorance is bliss.Ppl do you agree with me??

P.S:In India measles vaccination is given around 8 or 9 months,here it is only on 12th month,so we had to go through this phase and one good thing is that she got natural resistance ,so she would not need a measles vaccination.