Quiet sometimes i get this question Why is that it is always me?? And here goes the various versions of it


1.Who cooks , house keeps and baby sits on any given day


2. Who works upon dishes


3. Who wipes the baby’s butt when she poops


4.Who prepares the list of groceries


5.Who reminds the payments of that month


6.Who feeds the baby


7.Who gets the last chance(since i hv to feed baby first) to eat when dining out


8.Who carries the baby bag when going out


9.Who gives bath n dress up baby


10.Who cleans and sort out ambuli’s toys



 I know for all these DD would answer its you bcoz you are her mom and you are a woman… Also i just felt how he would feel in this topic and here is something which I copied from his thoughts.


 1. Who vacuum cleans the house(Should you not do things in which you are good at??)


 2. Who takes care of laundry(Watta liar,i do laundry at times)


 3. Who drives the car when we go out( I dont have a valid license dear)


 4. Who carries ambuli when ever we go out(Just bcoz you want to show, you sport your fatherhood)


 5. Who cleans the washroom (Same reply as #1)


 6. Who changes diapers in middle of night(Am doing the same day long,why dont you do atleast @ night)


 7.Who takes out garbage bags to collection box(See i baby sit and house keep whole day that i dont see outside world)


8.Who fixs up the fused lamp(Same reply as #1)


 9. Who takes care that gas, water cans are replaced(Same reply as #1)


10.Who BREADWINS for the whole family(Juz bcoz you don’t want to cook, house keep n baby sit)


Edited to Add: After reading last two posts my sweet heart feels that ppl who read this may feel him as a filthy father and am frustrated with him and reminded me of promise no:4,so in this blogosphere i declare that no where you can find a sweet heart like him and a charming baby his daughter.


On a serious note, he definitely makes a great husband, helps me in quiet a things without my requests and few upon my request, Am proud of you DD.(Ppl pls believe me,dont get misguided by previous posts)